Clarity Healthcare Management

Setting the benchmark in healthcare management.

Sophisticated, next generation Clarity harnesses advances in Cloud-technology and intelligent information analytics to create a healthcare management system like no other.

Clarity Ambulatory Care provides a suite of functionality for point-of-care, administrative and financial users tailored to meet the distinct needs of large enterprise primary care, ancillary (occupational health) care, community care and aged and senior care networks.

Collaborative care

Clarity healthcare management enables insight driven care provision through real time access to shared patient and clinical information. It improves the timeliness and quality of care for better patient outcomes while optimising clinicians’ time and expertise.

Clarity captures data from many sources

Clarity captures data from many sources including medical and mobile devices. With the inbuilt power of predictive analytics for population health solutions, Clarity streamlines administrative and clinical processes for sustained efficiencies and cost management.

Highly flexible, customisable and Cloud-enabled

Highly flexible, customisable and Cloud-enabled, Clarity unifies a complex, large-scale network of multi-specialty clinics into a single consolidated force.

Responsive to challenges and changes as they occur

Clarity’s flexible design and contemporary architecture mean it can easily keep up with the pace of organisational change and growth as they occur. Clarity not only provides solutions to the challenges of care delivery today but opens up the possibilities to develop new, innovative models of care into the future.

Leveraging the Cloud

Natively linked with Telstra Health’s Synchronicity, healthcare’s only Cloud-hosted integration platform, Clarity healthcare management can deliver operational cost-savings that increase as the enterprise expands in size.

Clarity also future-proofs your IT investment by facilitating and accelerating the transition to Cloud-based computing at a time that’s right for you, while continuing to operate all existing enterprise and legacy systems.

Insight-driven clinical support

Architecturally aligned with Telstra Health’s Spine health intelligence platform, Clarity delivers the business and clinical intelligence to generate insights that drive better decision making.

Spine intelligently captures, aggregates and analyses data from disparate sources. Its powerful analytics capabilities can deliver diagnostic support at the point of care.

In combination, Clarity and Spine provide the ability to discover, in real time, emerging patterns in population health to inform preventive and chronic care planning.

Core components

Clarity Ambulatory Care

Clarity Practice Management System

Clarity Electrinic Medical Record


Workflow and Integration

Key functionalities

Appointment scheduling
Patient workflow
Patient billing
Management reporting
Consolidated billing
Inventory management

Key functionalities

Clinical decision support
Clinical documentation
Clinical pathways
Medication management
Physician workbench
Single patient view

Key functionalities

Occupational health
Mental health

Key functionalities

Pathology and radiology
Medicare online
Hospital PAS
Customisable workflows

Product Differentiators

Depth and breadth of features and functions
Versatile delivery model – Cloud hosted, on premise or hybrid
High level of system configurability

Allows customers (not programmers) to build highly customised solutions,
including speciality applications if required. This results in quicker, lower-cost implementations.

Open architecture

Making integrations with existing or 3rd party solutions a breeze (no need to ‘rip and replace’).

Clarity Ambulatory Care

Next-generation platform for networked clinics.


Comprehensive practice management & clinical features

Clarity - Sophisticated, multi-tenanted web services architecture

Sophisticated, multi-tenanted web services architecture

Clarity - Clarity - Customisable workflow engine

Customisable workflow engine

Clarity - Fast, flexible and needs specific

Fast, flexible and needs specific

Safer, more efficient care for patients

Clarity Ambulatory Care includes powerful applications and functionalities enabling better patient care across multiple locations and point of care sites.




Electronic prescribing

Patient billing

Clinical pathways

Document scanning


Powerful predictive analytics for responsive business planning

Powerful predictive analytics for responsive business planning

Clarity’s predictive analytics support business planning and forecasting of demand for new services in the ever-changing care environment. It ensures an organisation stays abreast of rapid economic, market and technological changes and is responsive to new care models.

Arcus HIS - Global solution - Global team

The Clarity Team

As part of Telstra Health, Clarity is one of a suite of natively integrated healthcare products brought together from some of the world’s most experienced eHealth specialists. It enjoys the support of one of Australia’s most trusted household names – Telstra Corporation, Australia’s largest telecommunication company and the tenth largest telco globally by market capitalisation.


Clarity Ambulatory Care

Next generation healthcare management.
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