Arcus Hospital Information System

Coordinating care across the continuum

Arcus unifies the entire hospital network as a powerful communications and collaboration platform that can be utilised by all stakeholders involved in a patient’s care.

Arcus HIS is a comprehensive hospital information system that handles patient administration and financial functions and integrates these with an advanced clinical information system. It provides secure access to a patient’s electronic medical record in real time at the point when clinical decisions are being made.

Meeting Healthcare's Challenges today and in the future

Meeting healthcare’s challenges today and in the future

Arcus HIS delivers more than patient administration and financial functions. Its clinical information system gives physicians and the entire care team the environment they need to deliver best-practice, evidence-based care. As a single unified system, it helps improves care coordination, minimises treatment delays and reduces medication errors and test duplication. It supports the patient journey through the hospital from admission to discharge.

Arcus - Single unified system, template driven

Single unified system, template driven

Modular design – highly configurable

Its modular design and high degree of system configurability mean Arcus can be implemented quickly and easily. Specific organisational workflows as well as long term growth requirements can be catered for rapidly.

Arcus’ integrated architecture allows seamless linking of multiple care teams and departmental workflows across the enterprise. It not only provides solutions to today’s challenges but opens up unlimited possibilities for developing new, innovative models of care.

Arcus HIS - Flexible, scalable & fast to deploy – grow at the pace that’s right for you.

Flexible, scalable & fast to deploy – grow at the pace that’s right for you.

Arcus HIS is deployed quickly and is intuitive to use but this is just the start. Its modular design means it can be expanded and evolved to meet the challenges of organisational changes as they occur. It can unify diverse and complex care centre networks into a single consolidated operation and keep up with the pace as they grow.

Arcus HIS - Proven solution for specialist care

Proven solution for specialist care

Working within clearly defined and effective clinical pathways is fundamental to providing best-practice care. Arcus’ template-driven design is highly customisable and readily adaptable to individual processes and specialist needs, whether IVF, oncology, ophthalmic surgery or acute care.

Arcus HIS - In Vitro Fertilisation

In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)

Arcus HIS - Solution for opthalmic surgery

Opthalmic Surgery

Arcus HIS - Proven software solution for acute care

Acute care

Insight driven healthcare

Leveraging a common architecture with our Health Information Exchange (HIE) and Business Intelligence (BI) platform, Spine, Arcus can bring a world of medical resources to the point of care. Within user defined access permissions, all those involved in providing care are able to access and exchange relevant information, wherever they are in the care network. Clinicians are given the opportunity to draw on expert opinion and evidence from anywhere in the world for diagnostic support.

Core components

Arcus Hospital Information System

Arcus HIS Core Module - Patient Administration System

Arcus HIS Core Module - Electronic Medical Record

Arcus HIS Core Module - Specialty configurations


Key functionalities

Admission, Discharge, Transfer
Bed management
Inventory management
Nursing management
Appointment scheduling
Asset management

Key functionalities

Clinical decision support
Clinical documentation
Physician workbench
Nursing workbench
Dynamic assessments
Medication management

Key functionalities

In vitro fertilisation
Out patient clinics

Key functionalities

Blood Bank
DICOM Viewer

Product Differentiators

Depth and breadth of features and functions
Versatile delivery model – Cloud hosted, on premise or hybrid
High level of system configurability

Allows customers (not programmers) to build highly customised solutions,
including speciality applications if required. This results in quicker, lower-cost implementations.

Open architecture

Making integrations with existing or 3rd party solutions a breeze (no need to ‘rip and replace’).

Arcus HIS

Advancing the delivery of healthcare information by making it easy to access patient information at the point of patient care.

Arcus - Proven Solution

Proven solution

Internationally proven solution for hospitals with feature rich EMR and out of the box templates.


Equipment integration

Integration with HL7 / DICOM compliant devices.

Arcus - Multi- tenant architecture

Multi Tenant Architecture

Multiple organisations / locations can use the system with single database instance.

Arcus - Central/distributed

Central / Distributed

Both online and offline deployment options available with connectivity to central server.

Arcus - Integration with ERP

Integration with ERP

Integration with most of the ERP systems

Arcus HIS - Flexible


Customisable and configurable to meet local market demands.

A modular end-to-end integrated solution

Arcus HIS includes powerful modules and functionalities for creating and maintaining detailed patient records across multiple sites and care settings.

Patient registration



Emergency Room





Operating theatre

Maternity Ward


Billing and Purchasing

Arcus HIS - Unlimited reach to the cloud

Unlimited reach via the Cloud

Arcus can be deployed on premise using in-house servers or hosted in the Cloud, integrating and managing thousands of concurrent connections across multiple hospitals, clinics and clinicians, with no geographic barriers.

Arcus HIS - Security and resilience

Security and resilience

Using our own and our partners’ data centres around the globe, we can provide you with hosting facilities that are secure, offer high performance and optimal bandwidth.

Arcus HIS - Global solution - Global team

Global solution – global team

From inception, Arcus has been developed with a true global perspective. It easily accommodates international system requirements including multi date, multi language formats such as double byte languages, and international currencies. And Arcus is supported by a highly skilled and dedicated global team with extensive proven experience in international e-Health solutions.


Arcus Hospital Information System

Coordinating care across the continuum.
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Case Study

Rainbow Children’s Hospitals

One of India’s largest and most progressive paediatrics groups, Rainbow Children’s Hospitals, has undergone an ambitious transformation using Arcus HIS…

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